LinkedIn Training – Your Workplace

LinkedIn is truly a powerful B2B platform with scalable networking and measurable results. It is the number one social network for professionals with 332 million members and one in three professionals on the planet.

If your profile is professional, it is a rich resource for industry connections, potential clients and partnership opportunities. You need to build your relationships respectfully if you expect prospecting and conversions to work for you. If you are not exposed on LinkedIn, your competitors probably are!

Here are 3 ways you can add to your LinkedIn learning curve.

  1. Book a session to improve your personal LinkedIn profile

Maximise branding, marketing and prospecting opportunities so that your profile brings you business.

In one personal 3 hour session we will cover:

  • the 14 profile markers that get you “the most eyeballs on copy”
  • the 3 tiers of connections that become your circle of influence
  • how to create the ripple effect to widen your network
  • the power of recommendations & endorsements, & when to ask for them
  • the two strategies behind joining groups
  • taking advantage of free prospecting using the power of the keyword
  • how to work your way around the admin dashboard

Each team member will receive a 25 page handbook full of screen shots, function notes and step-by-step instructions. Allow 3 – 3.5 hours at your metropolitan location for 1- 4 team members, and this service is facilitated at your workplace from $915 + GST.

  1. LinkedIn Publisher Training to publish yourself as an author

With the demise of Google Authorship, article writing on LinkedIn is truly “unstoppable traffic” to your website or blog or social media. It is powerful, scalable networking with measurable results. At the end of this hands-on session you will have published your first article.

In one personal 2 hour session we will cover:

  • the easiest process to load your first article to LinkedIn’s publishing site
  • tips to maximise the calls-to-action and keywording options available
  • the tricks to creating free eye-catching banners and content graphics
  • current thinking on key tags, headings and author resource boxes
  • how to drive traffic to your social media sites, your blog and your website
  • where to test and measure your efforts
  • how to re-purpose your existing content

Allow 2 – 2.5 hours at your metropolitan location for 1-2 team members, and this service is facilitated at your workplace from $615 + GST.

  1. Customised hands-on LinkedIn training for Business Development Managers

Private LinkedIn training at your workplace will show you exactly how you can manage all the personal profiles for the Directors/Managers to grow the company brand, capitalise on a content marketing strategy and to nurture/prospect forward on behalf of your Directors/Managers.

Spread over 3 or 4 visits to your workplace we will cover:

  • improving the personal profiles of your Directors/Managers
  • curating LinkedIn article writing on behalf of your company
  • a long term strategy to cement a brand & maximise marketing opportunities
  • continuing the connections/prospecting process on behalf of your workplace
  • brainstorming workshop style questions a BDM can pose at staff meetings
  • brainstorming the probing questions a BDM can pose when workshopping with individual Directors/Managers

This training can be spread over 2-3 months to allow you to incorporate this marketing role into your existing BDM responsibilities. Facilitated at your workplace in 2 hr sessions at your metropolitan location for 1-2 team members from $615 + GST per session. Call Sherryn on 0417 174 224 to chat about how this could roll out in your business, and ask her for the detailed scale of fees to allow you to plan forward.

LinkedIn is powerful, scalable, unstoppable networking with measurable results. If you are not exposed on LinkedIn, your competitors probably are! so call Sherryn on 0417 174 224 to chat further about how this customised training will benefit your business prospects now and in the future.

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