Is your website mobile responsive?

Mobile friendliness is a Google ranking signal.  That’s not a minature version of your website visible on a mobile, it is a site designe d to be read in a cascadng fashion as you swipe the page.  You can check your own website by Googling “Google mobile friendly test” and then enter your website URL. Continue reading “Is your website mobile responsive?”

A tip when renewing your domain name

Next time you renew your web domain name, do so for the longest period possible. Google counts the length of your renewal as a vote toward your search engine ranking. You can pick up lots of quick tips, simple ideas and free tactics to rev up your marketing by joining the newsletter from the homeContinue reading “A tip when renewing your domain name”

Facebook Lead Trainer Certification

Using my downtime to keep up-to-date with my Facebook Certifications. The Small Business Boost with Facebook/Instagram sessions commenced in around WA in 2019 will continue again in regional WA in 2020 when Australia is back in business. Go to to see what regional areas we met small businesses in 2019.

The Pareto Principle – the 80/20 rule

Have you, should you or do you apply the 80-20 rule to your business? That is the law of the vital few: 80% of your sales probably come from 20% of your clients. With that in mind here are 4 questions to ask yourself? 1… Would it be more profitable if you concentrated on justContinue reading “The Pareto Principle – the 80/20 rule”

Brand your business with your email signature

Do you have an email signature that promotes your business? In Outlook settings you can brand one up smartly with your logo and tagline, then type in your web address and Facebook page etc as a hyperlink. The beauty of the hyperlink is immediately people can click straight to you website to read more informationContinue reading “Brand your business with your email signature”

Don’t assume your customer will know you offer a better product/service.

Don’t assume your customer will know you offer a better product/service. Create a fact sheet/checklist, and think about:• What is your purpose?• What makes you, your product/service different from your competitors?• What makes people want to buy your products and services?• It costs you nothing to be different When you have thought through the essenceContinue reading “Don’t assume your customer will know you offer a better product/service.”

Branding takeaways from a Knight and his running shoes

I’ve just finished reading Shoe Dog. The Nike story from 1962 – 2016 authored by its Founder Phil Knight. Phil started with nothing and perservered through times when only his drive seemed to keep him going. And he was focussed – more interested in perfecting a shoe that helped sports people excel than being aContinue reading “Branding takeaways from a Knight and his running shoes”