Haven’t got any testimonials? Here’s 3 ways to get them

1. Contact your customers and ask for them! Give them some indication of what you would like them to say and most clients will willingly oblige. If you think the word testimonial might scare people off, then ask customers “for their feedback” or “their story” or a “case study” instead.

2. Look through your connections on LinkedIn and ask suitable people for recommendations of your work.

3. When customers email you with praise:
. tweak what they wrote into smarter sentences

. add in their full name and suburb (or their name and business name)

. email your version back to them, asking for their permission to use the text in your future promotional materials. Initials alone and a suburb look fabricated. If a client won’t let you publish their name, it is far better to find a testimonial from someone else who will let you publish their details.

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