When did you last update your email signature?

An important branding opportunity all businesses have is their email signature.

Don’t make it too big with large coloured banner images – we do not want to waste all our ink cartridge printing coloured logos when it is only the text we might want to keep!  As an example, here is my current electronic signature

To update your signature, open your Outlook then “New Mail” and you will see along the top panel is a box for “Signature”.  Open that box and you can edit or create a personalised signature. This is the view you will receive.

And here are 5 opportunities to consider:

  1. Handwrite your signature – save it like you would a photo and load it through the picture bar icon to the right of “business card”. It is more personal.
  2. Add your logo but keep it small, we don’t want to waste our ink. This one is 106 x 53 pixels. Add it like a photo through the picture bar icon.
  3. Add your tag line. It tells you email reader more about your purpose.
  4. Ask for a Google review, it is really beneficial for your Google ratings. Type your company name in the Google bar and if you have populated a Google My Business account your photos, web address and directions etc should appear. Lower down you will see a grey box “Write a review”. If you click on that link you will have a URL in the broswer box to lift and drop into your signature. Click on the weblink icon (the world map and chain) and when that opens you will see a box for “address”. Drop the browser link in and click save or OK.
  5. Then encourage people to join your social media accounts. Open each social media account as your starting point:
  • then highlight the word you wish to link (eg Facebook is the first mentioned in my signature)
  • open the web link icon (the world map and the chain
  • you can see “address” and an empty box – that’s where you copy in the social media link
  • move on to your next social media address or blog etc

And you are done!

A refreshed and digitised email signature that represents the business you run today.


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